The Wheel is my hobby space; outside school, a part-time job, and generally, my daily and weekly obligations, I consider myself both scholarly and passionate about life and magic. Here, I can write freely about what I believe in and how I develop my connection to Spirit with the benefit of sharing them with those of like-minds.

On a more personal note, my preferred alias is Aemon and the purpose of it is to be one with who I am rather than a be a part of the person that interacts distantly with the world. With that in mind, you will not find blogs about my personal life here, rather, you will find things that are about magic and the discoveries that go with it. I always try to write in a way that involves information and practice from experience and cross-referenced sources.

I enjoy learning and this blog will be a place for me to share the growth.

At current, I am in love with a wonderful woman that is equally as psychotic as I am! I have actively been ‘practicing’ and ‘experiencing’ (for lack of a better term) my connection to Spirit since my dream journey at the age of 18 and have only grown my scope since then through books, articles, and overall, experimentation.

All my life, I have been capable of communing with Spirits and animals on an empathetic, intuitive, psychic level though digress and express my discomfort in applying those terms to gifts I know that we are all capable of experiencing. So you will never find ‘labels’ or jargon on my website, at least, not without explanation.

As a practitioner of many crafts, in many ways, I’ll opt out of making a list of titles that are, ultimately, irrelevant and say that my current practice includes journeying, channeling (either in meditation or under the care of my significant other during a QHHT session), and exploring uncharted territory with matrix healing.

So, thank you for coming to The Wheel;

I wish all the blessings to you and hope that this space is as sacred for you as it is for me.


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