Justin Baldoni and Man Enough

#MeToo #ManEnough

This was an excellent watch and it was brought to my attention by my girlfriend by the man who established the Circle of Sacred Guardians and a man who is a good friend of hers. The video in itself was fascinating and has addressed the core of what I believe to be one of the imbalances of masculine energy and one of the things, that I can admit, troubles even me.

As I relate intimately with the topic that Justin addresses, I thought that I would pass it on because this is one of the things that is relevant to my life’s mission (which involves a fine balance of masculine and feminine energy).

On many occasions, I find myself really relating to the topic covered here, and because of the quality of the content, I find myself deeply respecting Justin and his friends and the message that they have to share in Man Enough.

If you resonate with it, share it.

I really believe that we’re not alone. 🙂

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