(Sticky) Real Wheel Reason

Magic seems like a fickle thing, made to be fiction and separated from a reality that is not as absent of it as we believe. It is often removed and persecuted by the hands of those that are blind to its subtle, but powerful (and very real), currents. In a way, it is also kept hidden by those who covet its reality for fear that it will be taken for granted.

Though I do not believe in sharing secrets (with the exception of my hot chocolate recipe 🙂 ), I do believe in finding magic and sharing it’s reality with others because it is a force and a presence that is in everyone and everything.

Ultimately, the goal with The Wheel Tome is to share things about my journey and my practice so that others can enjoy them just as much as I do…

Merriam-Webster defines Magic as:

  • :the use of means (such as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces
  • :magic rites or incantations
  • :an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source
  • :something that seems to cast a spell (for ex: an enchantment)
  • :the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand; entertained with acts of jugglery and magic.


My definition of Magic

Magic is the power of manifestation.

It is when the leaves turn auburn colors in fall, it is the scent of petrichor after heavy a rainfall, it is the light that reflects back at us in the stoic gaze of a crowned stag, it is the warmth of a hot cup of herbal tea, and the thing that disguises all the mysterious and aetheric beings we’ve written into mythos.

Magic can be found woven into the wood and crystal of hand-made wands, it can be found riding with the whispers of the wind when it rustles through prayer flags, and the thing that permeates the air during Beltane. It is a force that ignites something in us when we meet our guardians and totems for the first time; be it in a journey, a meditation, or a lucid dream.

Magic is both an honor and a blessing and is the mystery that powers the Great Wheel and the cycles of our lives; the many things that inspire awe within us (gratitude and love included).

“Harm none and do what ye will.”

Photo credit to Joanna Kosinska

When you enter The Wheel Tome, you’re entering a space that I’ve taken out of the digital cloud, brought down, and opened up with the intent to create a place you can enjoy for a bit.

Since you’ve decided to take a little bit of time to poke around my website, take a moment of silence and contemplation and enjoy the lack of social media drama and absence of life-noise (just ignore the screaming goats!).

You deserve it.

Blessings to you. 🙂

Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to see what goodies pop up over time.



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