Paying Gratitude to Life

Hygge struck and opened me to gratitude when I was commuting home from class and had the chance to appreciate the midday sun, the Medicine Bow Mountains, and the large tide of storm clouds on the horizon. It was a humbling experience, to feel small compared to the power of the earth, and it helped me to connect with a small fraction of what our ancestors might have felt in the days long before technology became the foundation of our society.

It made me feel gratitude because I knew I had a place in the Great Wheel; just like the wind, just like the rain, and the storm clouds rolling over the mountains. I had a place I could call home.

Gratitude struck me when the collection of my life summed up and showed me where I had been and where I was. It was a reward, a victory, and the moment when I realized that life was perfect.

Despite trudging through years of hardship… poverty, cancer, abuse, chronic depression, bipolar, and suicidal tendencies… it all paid off when I had a loving family and a woman to be thankful for.

It was a strike of clarity and realization in the now and how it has finally come and gifted me with love, stability, and freedom; oceans away from what had been a theme in my life. The past was no more than a book that had been written, closed, and tucked away on a shelf in my personal Akashic library.

The feeling of honor and love replaced the scars and the dark imprints on my soul and my heart.

I am grateful for my small but loving family and for the one woman I never believed that I would meet again; she who is devoted, passionate, chaotic, intelligent, and deeply loving.

I am grateful for the roof over my head, the food and water, the warm bed, the shower, the car, the education, and overall, for the ability to be independent and capable of love.

I am honored by magic and the Great Spirit, I am honored by the guardians and spirits that have aided in my healing and have protected me throughout my life, and I am honored by the sense of coming home again.

It is in the warm cup of sweet coffee and the playtime set aside for my feline companion.

It is in the moments shared between my partner and I and the times we are capable of intimacy, exploration, and discovery in our spiritual and earthly journey together.

It is in the book and the scent of paper when I read before bed.

It is in the sound of the pen scratching over the paper as I write.

And it is in the time set aside for family and spirit…

Gratitude is a powerful tool.

It helps us to appreciate and understand the rewards of an arduous journey and to understand that for everything (the good and the bad) must not be taken for granted.

I fully believe that we all walk a certain path for a reason, be it by our choices in the present world or the ones that we agreed to in the realms positioned above this one.

It takes a great deal of strength to endure hardship and that is deserving of a kind of loving and gratitude that can only come from the self.

Paying gratitude to life is connecting with the stream of energy associated with abundance.

To receive, you have to understand the true value of paying gratitude to life.

It is an act of true appreciation and an understanding that gratitude is always an exchange of energy between yourself and other people and things in your life.

It is the dichotomy between giving and expecting something in return versus giving without that expectation because you truly love and appreciate various things in your life.

Ultimately, it is a cyclical thing; a stream of energy that will come back around to you after you pay it out, carrying with it everything you’ve given to yourself and others.

It is not the act of gratitude that has meaning, it is the intent…

To pass on the gratitude, I want you to know that I am thankful for you and the experiences you contribute to the Great Wheel and to life.

We all play a vital role here, all those roles, equally as important because it helps advance and create an experiential environment that contributes to the evolution and well-being of everyone.

So remember, we appreciate you too.