The Wheel

Shamanism, Psychopomp, and Spirit

3346Welcome to The Wheel:

I want to thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

It is my hope that it will be lucrative to the curious mind and it is my hope that it will provide an experience to the wistful explorer and wisdom and companionship to the lonely, wandering mind.

Everything you’ll read here is either a quote, a story, an excerpt from a book with commentary, media with commentary, or a must-share that I couldn’t otherwise categorize because it is too focused to sort. Ultimately, The Wheel Tome is a collection of many magical things with nowhere to go.

Because I’m not very good at talking about myself, I would, instead, like to tell you a story about a sleeping dragon, dancing coyotes, and the Medicine Wheel Way… It is metaphorical in its structure, true through its own expression, and personal and symbolic in its representation of my Experience and Perceiving…


There once was a little girl that came into this world very, very upset. Such that she became very ill and unable to play with the other children. 

Because she was too weak and frail to keep up, the other children teased her often and twisted their faces in silly and ugly ways; throwing sticks and stones when she would not look at them. “Why are you so useless little dragon?” they jeered. “Why are you so small?”



and tucked herself away in her tent when she could no longer bear to witness them playing without her and found that her only company was the Eternal Storm. Her mother and father had left her, their voices mixing with the storm and the cold, rattling rain as it slithered down from the skies.

or many days, she lay in bed, covered in thick furs because she was too thin  The only thing that kept her company was the sound of the Eternal Storm. 

When the lightning struck, she became afraid, and when thunder clapped, she cowered beneath her blankets and called out for her mother. 


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